Vertical Machining Centers MV-1685
Box Way/Gear Head
X-axis 1600 mm
Y-axis 850 mm
Z-axis 3800 mm

High Speed Vertical Machining Centers A New Standard in Efficiency

Mounted with roller type linear ways, the LV series allows rigidity to be increased by 30%. High feed rate combined with high rigidity ensure the LV series to achieve higher efficiency and performance, making the machine excellent for machining in communication, automotive parts, hardware and medical equipment.

  1. The optional bed construction design is able to resist inertia generated by high‭ “‬G‭” ‬with‭ ‬maximum stability‭.‬
  2. The short nose spindle presents outstanding rigidity‭. ‬It also may increase efficiency while lowering tool wear‭.‬
  3. 48 meters rapid traverse on three axes greatly reduces machining time.
  4. High speed, silent ball screw and roller type linear way exhibit high speed, high accuracy and high rigidity features.
  5. Stable automatic tool change system not only reduces non-cutting time, but also extends spindle life.
  6. Front side chip exhaust with optimal chip exhausting angles and extra large chip flushing rate.

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Taiwan Master Tool Magazines.

  • The entire series of machine employs‭ ‬Taiwan master tool magazines.
  • The tool pockets are manufactured from aluminum alloy and T6‭ ‬treated for maximum durability‭.‬
  • Front mounted air cylinder enables repair or maintenance to be accomplished in only 10‭ ‬minutes‭.‬

Short Spindle Nose

The short spindle nose design allows the spindle motor to fully develop transmission efficiency‭. ‬As a result‭, ‬machining accuracy‭ ‬is upgraded and spindle life is extended‭.‬

Ball Screw、Linear Motion Guide

The silent ball screws and linear guide ways on three axes feature high rigidity‭, ‬low noise‭, ‬low friction and high sensitivity‭, ‬providing an increase in machining speed and accuracy‭.‬

Pneumatic counter-balance on Z-axis

The Z-axis is designed with no counter-balance weight in combination with servo motor drive with brake to improve Z-axis drive performance‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬high speed and better surface finish can be achieved‭.‬

Full-enclosed Guards

Fully enclosed guards ensure smooth movement at high speed and low noise‭. ‬The guards isolate coolant and chips and provide a protection for linear ways and ball screws for extending their service life‭.‬

Table‭ size :

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High Speed Rigid Direct-drive Spindle (Opt.)

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The direct-drive spindle is mounted in high precision class P4‭ ‬bearings‭. ‬The spindle features inclue light weight‭, ‬low eccentricity‭, ‬high rigidity‭, ‬low expansion coefficient‭. ‬As a result‭, ‬higher accuracy and longer spindle life can be achieved‭.‬

Roller Type Linear Motion Guide

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Roller type linear ways on all three axes provide better dynamic rating load compared with its class of roller type linear way. This feature not only ensures the entire machine accuracy, but also provides the highest rigidity as well as outstanding cutting performance.

The linear motion guide features minimum wear and extra long lifespan.

Especially ideal for high speed movement and dramatically reduce the power requirement of machine.

Collision Protection Device


The machine is equipped with a collision protection device which can absorb and reduce the collision force. The machine accuracy is still maintained if any axis malfunction happens.

Increase height of column

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Increased height of column has sufficient space to mount the 4th and 5th axes.


Model LV-700  LV-850
X‭-‬axis travel 700 mm 800 mm
Y‭-‬axis travel 500 mm 500 mm
Z‭-‬axis travel 550 mm 550 mm
Spindle nose to table 120~670 mm 120~670 mm
Type of spindle BT-40 BT-40
Spindle transmission Belf Drive Belf Drive
Spindle R.P.M. 10,000 rpm 10,000 rpm
Spindle motor 7.5 kw 7.5 kw
X/Y/Z rapid traverse 48 / 48 / 48 M/min 48 / 48 / 48 M/min
Three axes ball screws‭ ‬(mm) ø36 / P16 / C3 ø36 / P16 / C3
Three axes linear guide (P class) X, Y, Z-axis ball screw: ball type 35 mm x 4 blocks
Three axes transmission method Direct drive Direct drive
Cutting feed rate 1~10,000 mm/min 1~10,000 mm/min
Table size 800 x 450 mm 1000 x 450 mm
T-slot‭ ‬(‬WxNo‭.‬xPitch) 18 x 3 x 130 mm 18 x 3 x 130 mm
Table loading capacity 350 kg 500 kg
Tool selection method Rotary disc type Rotary disc type
No‭. ‬of tools 24 pcs 24 pcs
Max‭. ‬tool weight 7 kgs 7 kgs
Coolant tank capacity 220 L 220 L
Max‭. ‬machine weight 4100 kg 4500 kg
Machine‭ ‬size‭ ‬(LxWxH)‭‬ 2000 x 2440 x 3100 mm 2430 x 2400 x 2700 mm
Air pressure 6 kg 6 kg
Power requirement 20 KVA 20 KVA

•‭ ‬Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice‭.

Standare Accessories:

  • BT40 spindle
  • 10,000 rpm direct-drive spindle
  • Rotary disc type (BT40,24 tools)
  • Built-in coolant nozzles
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Ethernet transfer
  • LED work ligh
  • Rigid tapping
  • M30 automatic power off

Option Accessories:

  • 12,000/15,000 rpm direct-drive spindle
  • Programmable coolant nozzle adjustment
  • Coolant through spindle (15 bar/20 bar)
  • Coolant through Spindle(15bar / 20bar)
  • 4th axis rotary table and tailstock
  • Automatic tool measuring device
  • Increase height of column
  • Screw type chip conveyor
  • Link chain type chip conveyor
  • Oil / fluid separation device
  • Coolant gun and air gun

Dynamic roundness inspection

Dynamic roundness inspection

Laser inspection

Laser inspection